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Safari Resort Culion

Price is 260M with a 5% commission, strictly NO mark up. My closest friend Walter, his wifes brother is married to the owners daughter.
Buyer pays 260M, all taxes etc on seller.

Me, Walter and Lloyd have an ATS from the owner Urs. I will attach that also.

Titling approved, cadastral is done and only awaiting titling papers.

This stunning property has been lovingly cared for by the owners for nearly 30 years. They have embraced the natural beauty of this 151 hectare property by protecting both the land and the marine environments from unsustainable activity. The 82 hectares of timberland is protected from logging, and the coral reef is protect by a 54 hectare Marine Sanctuary, which was set up 20 years ago.

There are not many places in the Philippines that have been environmentally protected so completely, and for so long, let alone a place with such incredible tranquility. The 1,000m of beach is entirely golden sand, and totally private. The two natural springs, which flow all year round

There is flat area for an 800 meter private airstrip also.

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